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Meetings include some social time at 10:00 AM when you can order your breakfast. Please plan on ordering breakfast to support Tiffany’s!

The business meeting starts at 10:30 AM and is scheduled to end at 11:45 AM.

2017 Calendar

January 4     First meeting:  Awards & Hanging

February 1   Meeting: Selection

March 1        Meeting: Hanging

April 5          Meeting: Selection

May 3            Meeting: Hanging

June 7           Meeting: Selection

July 5             No meeting: Committee Hanging

August 2       No meeting

September 6   Meeting: Selection & Hanging

October 4       Meeting: Selection

November 1   Meeting: Hanging

December 6    Meeting: Selection

December 13   Holiday Luncheon


2016 Calendar

January 6     First meeting: Hanging

February 3   Meeting: Selection

March 2        Meeting: Hanging

April 6           Meeting: Selection (Architecture & Graphics theme)

May 4            Meeting: Hanging

June 1           Meeting: Selection  (leave photos for hanging committee)

July 6             No meeting

August 3       No meeting

September 7   Meeting: Selection  & Hanging

October 5         Meeting: Selection

November 2    Meeting: Hanging

December 7     Meeting: Selection (Bamboo Gardens field trip theme)

December 14     Holiday luncheon

2015 Calendar

January 7     First meeting

February 4   Meeting: Selection

March 4        Meeting: Hanging

April 1           Meeting: Selection

May 6            Meeting: Hanging

June 3           Meeting: Selection  (bring frames for BODs to hang in July)

July 1             No meeting

August 5       No meeting

September 2   Meeting: Selection  & Hanging

October 7         Meeting: Selection. North Pinellas theme.

November 4    Meeting: Hanging. Elections.

December 2     Meeting: Selection

December 9     Holiday luncheon

2014 Calendar

January 8     First meeting: Hanging (Flora & Fauna from Dec 4, 2013)

February 5   Meeting: Selection

March 5        Meeting: Hanging

April 2           Meeting: Selection

May 7            Meeting: Hanging

June 4           Meeting: Selection  (bring frames for BOD to hang in July)

July 2            Meeting: No meeting

August 6       Meeting: No meeting

September 3   Meeting: Selection  & Hanging

October 1         Meeting: Selection

November 5    Meeting: Hanging

December 3     Meeting: Selection

2013 Calendar

January 9     First meeting: Hanging

February 6   Meeting: Selection

March 6        Meeting: Hanging

April 3           Meeting: Selection

May 1            Meeting: Hanging

June 5           Meeting: Selection  (bring frames for BOD to hang in July)

July 3            Meeting: No meeting

August 7       Meeting: No meeting

September 4   Meeting: Selection  & Hanging

October 2         Meeting: Selection

November 6    Meeting: Hanging

December 4     Meeting: Selection (Flora & Fauna)


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