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1. Can I attend a meeting without becoming a member?

Sure, we welcome newcomers to come and visit our meetings.

2. How often does the club get together?

The club meets once a month on the first Wednesday of each month. Education, visits to other clubs and field trips will be scheduled at other times.

3. How do I join?

Attend any meeting, sign up and pay your membership.

4. How much does it cost to join?

Yearly membership is $20 per person, $35 per couple.

5. Do I have to be a full-time Florida resident?

No. Once you join, you pay for the year. We encourage every  member to attend and participate in as many meetings as possible.

6. Do I need to buy a special camera?

No. You can use any digital camera (minimum 4MP for 11×14 photo). Even professional photographers capture a great photograph with a point and shoot camera.

7. Do I need to purchase any special software?

No. You may purchase any photo software if you want to enhance or manipulate your photograph.

8. How do I print my 11×14 photos?

If you don’t have a printer at home you can get them printed at stores such as Staples, Office Depot and Sam’s Club.

9. What kind of mats do I use to mount my photographs?

Use a 16×20 white mat with a cutout for an 11×14 photo. Bruce Hazelzet has mats for purchase.

10. What kind of frame do I use?

PHCC provides frames for members to display their selected photos at Tiffany’s.

11.  Can I purchase the photos on display?

Yes. Please contact Bruce Hazelzet (see the Contact Us section) if you would like to purchase any of the photos. Typical pricing starts at $25.

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