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Selection Rules & Results


1.  It is a SELECTION of 16 photos by a judge not a competition.  The selection should be based upon impact, composition and technique.  The judge will pick four photos he/she likes the best and give a critique on those four photos at the end of the announcements of the photos that have been selected. Another 12 photos (13 if the judge does not submit a photo) will also be selected (and critiqued if time allows).

2. Entries must 11 x 14 mounted/matted on white mounts/mats (no frames allowed). Each entry will also include a label with title (limited to 26 characters max) and name on the back.

Plastic sleeve covers are NOT allowed and must be removed before submitting them for selection.

Photos must be printed on photo paper: matte, semi-gloss, glossy or high gloss. No foil paper/prints will be accepted. Do not include your name, title or watermark on the photo.

Photos must take up the full opening of the 11×14 cutout of the mat. Some printers and photo labs will allow you to format an 11×14 print. Another option is to get your photo printed on 11×17 paper and then you can center or crop the photo with the mat.

The preferred method to register your photos is by email. If there are special circumstances that you can not, you can register your photos at the meeting (but you may miss out due to time). To register prior to the meeting, please send an email to no later than the Sunday before the selection meeting. You will then receive an email confirming that you have pre-registered your photo(s). Make sure you print, fill out and affix the labels at home. To obtain the label form, please send an email to Please note that you’ll have to select, copy and paste;  or write down these email addresses and type them into your own email program because email addresses are not linkable here.

Note: all photos must be handed in by 10:10 A.M. independent of which registration process you use. Photos after 10:10 will not be accepted.

3.  If your photo(s) is selected, it is held by the selection committee for the hanging at next month’s meeting. The hanging committee will place the matted photos in the club-provided frames after the meeting and will return your photo(s) that were previously hanging at the next meeting.

4.  The judge is allowed to hang one of their own framed photos with their business card. If a judge is not judging at a particular meeting (and is a member), that person can enter up to two photos.

5.  All members in good standing (dues paid) can submit up to two photos.

6.  The only criteria for these photos is that they be suitable for hanging in a public restaurant (manipulation such as Photoshop is allowed).

7.  The selection committee will pull any photos from the selection if they do not meet the minimal requirements, are not suitable for public display or have a non-standard mat/backing thickness.


Results (September 4, 2019 Meeting, no theme):

The top 4 were selected for educational purposes. The remaining photos under Others Selected (1-13) are in alphabetical order by photographer’s last name.

Judge: Lisa Sibley     Title: No photo submitted

Top 4:

  1. Buffalo at Sunrise – Craig Liddle
  2. Black & White – Marge Comitto
  3. Reddish Egret – Bill Kracov
  4. South Dakota Badlands – Craig Liddle

Selected for Hanging in Tiffany’s Gallery:

  1. Grand Tetons Reflection – Bruce Hazelzet
  2. Mount Rushmore – Bruce Hazelzet
  3. Cades Cove – Barb Kaiser
  4. Farm Work – Barb Kaiser
  5. Summer Reflections – Bill Kracov
  6. Big Sky Country – Janette Liddle
  7. Jack in the Pulpit – Janette Liddle
  8. Sandhill Crane Bonding – Hal Sigurdsson
  9. Glacial Grandeur – Loretta Speckman
  10. True Blue – Loretta Speckman
  11. Just Another Sunrise – Barbara Surman
  12. Reflection – Barbara Surman
  13. What’s Happening Next? – Kamila Thornton











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